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Batra Machinery Stores in existence for more than 50 years is reputed trading firm. We mainly deal in machinery parts, namely Bearing Sleeves, Locknuts & Lock washers, Belt Lacings, Conveyor Belt Fasteners, Elevator Bucket Bolts, Plummer Blocks, Transmission Rubber Beltings, Conveyor Beltings, etc. The machinery parts we trade in are of reputed manufacturers. The quality of the machinery parts is very good and available at reasonable rates.

Dealing in Machinery Parts

There are two types of Bearing Sleeves-Adapter and Withdrawal. We have wide range of Adapter and withdrawal sleeves confirming to international standards. Adapter sleeves are suitable for both shaft sizes in inches and millimeter (mm) and are available for bearings of taper and straight (only for inches) bore. Withdrawal Sleeves are available for shaft size (mm) only and for taper bore bearings only. Bearing Sleeves are necessary for accurate fitting and locking of bearings over shafts. Bearing sleeves are used in most of machineries and has wide application.

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Lock nuts are manufactured out of forged rings and on CNC machines for high accuracy, Lock washers are made of Low carbon steel which helps it to be used again and again. Lock nuts are used with Lock washers at the end of shafts (mm) so there is no slippage of bearings, V-pulleys, sprockets, etc from the shafts. Sizes available 10mm onwards.

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Belt Lacing is available in both steel and stainless steel and length of the belt lacing starts from 300 mm onwards. Belt Lacing is used widely to join Transmission Rubber Belting and Conveyor Belts and is suitable for systems with pulleys as small as 25mm. The sizes available are from 0 to 65 Nos. The application of Belt Lacing depends on Pulley size, thickness of the belt and mechanical fastener ratings.

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Hawk type Conveyor belt fasteners has wide range of applications in mechanical transmission and of course wherever the Conveyors are used. Conveyors are used in mining, quarrying, thermal plants, chemical plants, etc. hence the Conveyor Belt Fasteners come into the picture. Sizes range from Nos.1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½ and 3. Easy to install and join the Conveyor Belts.

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Elevator bucket bolts are used to attach buckets with the belts for transferring measured commodity, goods, etc. on elevated platforms or tracks. Elevator bucket bolts are manufactured in three materials Steel, Zinc Plated and Stainless Steel to be used in various industries. Sizes of the elevator bucket bolts readily available are 6mm, 8mm and 10mm lengths varying from 18mm to 75mm. Normally hex nuts and washers are used on elevator bucket bolts, Shylock nuts and oval washers with elevator bucket bolts are provided on specific demand.

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Plummer Blocks can be used with single row ball bearing, self aligning ball bearings and spherical bearings. Plummer Blocks are manufactured from high strength Cast Iron. Plummer Blocks have various Light to heavy forms which are NSK, S, SN, and SNA (with rubber seals withstanding high temperatures). The forms mentioned are for various sizes of bearings and load capacities. Plummer Blocks are designed (Split) so that pre-assembled shafts could be easily mounted and dismounted from the blocks. Heavy duty Plummer Blocks have features that can provide re-lubrication of Oil or grease without dismounting.

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The function of transmission belt plays a significant role in proper working of heavy or small pulleys or spindles that are the key units of running a machinery or plant. The enormous heavy mechanical pulleys in the manufacturing units and agriculture firms need flat transmission belt for transmitting power to regulate the smooth, easy and free of intricate complexities of mechanical procedure. Specifications availability according to customers need, Width can be in the range of 25mm-1500mm, Length availability 100 meters and above, Plies - 2-14 plies, Ends - Open or endless, Edges - Cut or Round, Fabric - Nylon/Nylon , Cotton/Nylon or Cotton/Cotton.

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Our Principal’s are suppliers to many OE manufacturers and specialize in various grades of Conveyor Belts. Conveyor belts are widely used in many industries namely mining, thermal plants, chemical, food, etc. Main Conveyor belt types are M 17 grade, M 24 grade, Heat resistant and Hygienic Belts for food processing industry. Specifications Width - Up to 2000mm, Length – 100 meters and above, Ply - 2-10 ply, Ends - Open or endless, Fabric used as per applications- Polyester/Nylon, Nylon/Nylon, Cotton/Nylon or Cotton/Cotton. Rough top end is our principal’s specialty.

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